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Safety Technical Rules For The Use Of Electrical Equipment
Jan 24, 2018

Safety technical rules for the use of electrical equipment

1. The posts of electrical equipment used, there should be someone responsible.

    2. Electrical equipment, abnormalities, must inform the electrical personnel to deal with, are not allowed to deal with without authorization.

    3. The wire joint must be wrapped with adhesive tape, and the electrical equipment used must be well grounded.

    4. Hand wet when not touch any electrical equipment, must be dry and then operate.

    5. New electrical equipment must first consider whether the load, prohibit any overload installation.

    6. Fuse or fuse must be installed according to the rated current allowed by the power cord, wire or copper wire instead of prohibited.

    7. Prohibit any temporary access to the switch on the power equipment, or temporary lighting line.

    8. Never allow clothing or items to be hung on wires or electrical equipment.

    9. Prohibit the furnace directly on the wooden test stand, the bottom should be pad with refractory bricks, continuous use for more than 4 hours to be elevated overhead.

    10. Transformer should be placed in a dry place, to avoid moisture, such as the use of the ground, you must pad with wood. After running out of the transformer, pull down the power in time and rotate the handle back to zero.

    11. The use of electrical equipment, you must first check the electrical switch, motor and mechanical equipment part is properly placed, with or without debris.

    12. Do not use iron handle brush cleaning the door, but not allowed to wipe the door with a damp cloth.

    13. Switch on the knife switch must work together to stop the work must be opened the switch.

    14. The newly installed electrical equipment shall be accompanied by the product manual, certificate with the electrical equipment inspection, and in accordance with the provisions of the instructions for installation and use.

    15. Electrical equipment according to the specific circumstances of each post to use, for example: explosion-proof places must use explosion-proof facilities, corrosive gases must use fully closed equipment.

    16. Electrical rotating equipment must have a person responsible for the maintenance, maintenance, lubrication and regular maintenance. The maintenance date is as follows:

    (1) closed rotating equipment for one year.

    (2) semi-enclosed rotating equipment for six months.

    (3) series-excited motor spark can not be greater than half a week, six months should check a brush.

    17. The following electrical equipment must not be used in explosive atmospheres, such as electric knife switches for electric ovens, electric lights without explosion-proof covers, and electrical equipment with brushes.

    18. Muffle furnace, oven, electric and other electrical equipment, should be used after the pointer back to zero, and pull the power switch.

    19. Self-dual transformer should pay attention to:

(1) Before using the pointer to zero, and then plug in the power plug, with a pencil to test out the output point, if the voltage will be unplug the plug, change the direction of re-connected (two FireWire exception), the correct wiring, such as Figure:

(2) The supply voltage should be equal to the input voltage according to the instructions on the terminal connection power.

    (3) should pay attention to the use of transformer power and allow current, shall not exceed the load.

    (4) rotating twist to adjust the hand wheel to be slow, so as not to damage the brush.

    (5) after use, the output voltage should be adjusted to zero, then cut off the power.

(6) carbon brush wear more than a semi-conductor stamp surface, the carbon brush should be fine.


20. Three-phase voltage transformer connection method for the Y-type, must be read before using the line, and then wiring.

    twenty one. The voltage is not clear on the power supply must not be arbitrarily connected to electrical equipment, electrical personnel should be checked before use.

    twenty two. The posts used by the pencil should be responsible for personal care, not free to disassemble or contamination, the use of electric pen before the test is easy to use.

    twenty three. Use oven drying equipment, the first instrument attached to the surface of the water wipe, so as not to drip to the bottom of the oven electric wire, resulting in disconnection, short circuit leakage and so on.

    twenty four. In the maintenance of electrical equipment, pull down the switch should be hung on the signs and remove the fuse, after the completion of the overhaul. The total power switch does not allow any post to pull open or close, if necessary, notify the responsible person to deal with.

    25. Temporary lights are not allowed to install, as required by the work required by the electrical personnel to pass the examination before they are allowed to install.

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