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Several Characteristics Of Heat Conducting Oil
Jun 26, 2017

1, can meet different temperature range of cooling, heating process requirements, but also in the same system with the same heat conduction oil at the same time to achieve high-temperature heating and low-temperature cooling process requirements. This can reduce the operating system and operational performance of complex and cumbersome;

2, under normal pressure, can get very high operating temperature. This can quickly block the high temperature heating system operating pressure and safety requirements, thereby improving the heat conduction oil furnace system and the reliability and safety of the equipment;

3, reduce the water treatment system and equipment required to improve the thermal efficiency of the system, greatly reducing the heat conduction oil furnace and other equipment and pipeline maintenance workload. Therefore, it can reduce the upfront investment capital of the heating system and the large cost of operation.

4, when the cause of the accident caused by the leakage of the system, the heat conduction oil and open flame encounter is likely to occur in the phenomenon of combustion, this is because the heat conduction oil system and water vapor systems in the problems caused by. But in the premise of not leaking, because the heat-conducting oil system is running at a low temperature, its operation safety can be much higher than that of water and steam system.

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