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Silicone Rubber Heating Assembly Of The Original
Apr 21, 2018

Silicone rubber heating band is a kind of nickel-chromium alloy wire and insulation material composed of a special soft heating band, the design of high power density, heat fast, high thermal efficiency, long service life. In addition to the general constant power band with the heat insulation, in some cases can also be used for the need to heat the place. Silicone Rubber Tape has good waterproof performance and can be used for the heating, tracing and heat preservation of pipes, tanks and tanks in industrial equipment or laboratories. It can be directly wound on the surface of the heated parts and easy to install. ,Safe and reliable. Suitable for cold areas, pipes and solar heating silicone rubber for the main function of the hot water pipe insulation, thawing, snow and ice and other functions. With high temperature, cold, anti-aging and so on.

In the plastic hose and self-controlled heating band around the package of metal shielding heat film, heat shielded film outside the package to strengthen the jacket made of extruded. The self-controlled temperature composite pipe can provide hot water and electric heating with two heating methods, the plastic hose to the main loop of hot water heating to self-controlled heating cable for auxiliary heating.

The self-controlled temperature composite pipe can be used as the end of geothermal heating to solve the solar collectors and air-source heat pump system and other renewable green energy for winter building heating, the existing water coil instability in the hot water temperature or water temperature Low case can not meet the heating requirements of the problem, with energy saving, safe and reliable, low operating costs, green and so on.

Parallel type silicone rubber heating cable is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry pipelines, tanks and other equipment with hot equipment. Is composed of power transmission wire, silicon rubber insulation skeleton, PTC alloy hot wire, solder joint, silicone rubber insulation layer, metal braided layer and anticorrosive layer. In addition to its manufacturing length can be arbitrary, according to the length of any cut, with a soft flexible, automatic adjustment of heat strain, the processing process is simple and so on, especially less than the cost of fluorine plastic parallel cable 1 / 3, for the pipeline with heat conservation project investment.

Carbon fiber heating band is a carbon fiber line and insulation layer composed of ribbon-shaped electric heating element. It is in the carbon fiber-line heat-resistant insulation layer made of electric wire, the above-mentioned 3 to 10 carbon fiber heating wire parallel heat sealing in the two-layer film in the composition of the band. The two-layer film can be coated with far-infrared material to improve thermal efficiency. Carbon fiber heating belt with soft texture, high thermal efficiency, process is simple, low cost, etc., can be used as electric clothes, electric blankets, heating pads and heating elements of the pipeline.

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