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Single Head Electric Heating Tube Installation Instructions
May 10, 2018

Threaded device Single-head electric tube construction: In the single-head heating tube wiring part with a hexagonal head (for fastening) scale (determined by the customer) of the public (English) hollow bolts. Can be divided into hexagonal head up and down two. Uses: Widely used for heating all kinds of liquid materials, acceptable pressure ≥ 0.8Mpa. Recommend the standard: 8 ^ 20 × 60 ^ 1000. The main factors affecting the electrical strength of electric heating pipe insulation layer thickness, insulation quality of raw materials, electric heating pipe length, tortuous radius and the number of twists and turns.

Conventional appearance Single-head electric heating tube, also known as card electric heating tube or drum-type electric heating tube. Single-head heating tube can be divided into: low-power single-head heating tube, high power density single-head heating tube. Tube-type electric heating tube This type of electric heating tube for the small size of the high-performance high-wattage density of the heating element can be perforated metal holes or open space in the superior performance of its heating can be very strong, high-temperature single- Fine, the company selected Europe and the United States magnesium and Japan Ni-Cr alloy line refined.

The main pipe of the single heating pipe: stainless steel SUS316 or 304 Operating temperature 550 ° C or less, high nickel alloy pipe incolloy 800 or 840 within the use of 750 ° C. Standard: diameter 6mm above the length of 25mm or more Watt density is divided into the following two Type: high power density single head heating tube (heating electric heating tube surface area of power 12-25w / cm2); medium and low power density (heating area electric heating tube surface area power 5-11w / cm2).

Single-head heating pipe ordering device Note:

1, drum-type electric heating tube itself is a high wattage density, often due to poor heat transfer, the formation of external tube coke, the internal high temperature to accelerate the heating line aging, resulting in electric wire break.

2, mold deep hole processing should pay attention to accuracy, not at both ends of the hole, due to the junction can not close and have larger pores, so that the heat pipe heat dissipation, the heating body temperature is uneven.

3, should pay attention to the electric tube outlet side of the magnesium oxide powder, in the use of places not to be contaminated with water to prevent leakage, the best is reserved for 5m / m outside the mold.

4, start using electric heating tube, the best can be preheated for 5 minutes, to avoid the moisture or moisture into the tube, the risk of leakage, the use of electric machinery necessary to install the grounding wire.

5, electric heating pipe should be fixed, maintenance of hot areas, but leakage of air to prevent the use of heat transfer mud, to avoid the formation of carbon deposits, leakage, the future is not easy to replace the electric tube.

Single-head heating pipe features: high watts, small size, multi-standard, high temperature, high precision diameter, easy to mold heating.

Conventional shape single-head electric heating tube for: plastic packaging, small mold heating, analytical instruments, cigarettes industry, production, semiconductor eutectic welding, die-casting channel heating and non-gel injection, Cold effect and other heating

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