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Small PI Heating Film 12V
Jun 19, 2018

Polyimide film type heater is a kind of sandwich structure of the translucent metal flexible electric heating piece. Also known as metal electric film, its upper and lower sides of good heat resistance, good insulation properties of the polyimide film, intermediate resistive circuit is made of special alloy foil. It because of the characteristics of temperature and resistance to chemical corrosion and widely used.I n the limited space and weight, electrothermal film exposed to vacuum, oil or chemicals such as environment, is the ideal choice for metallic electrothermal film.  electrothermal film exposed to vacuum, oil or chemicals such as environment, is the ideal choice for metallic electrothermal film. Metal electrothermal film has excellent dielectric strength, excellent resistance to electric intensity and excellent heat transfer efficiency, heating element using special gold, has excellent resistance stability and electro-thermal conversion rate.. Which makes it can be widely used in heating area and be able to get fairly high temperature control precision.


Product Description


Insulation Material

Polyester film

Heating Material

Etched metal foil

Thickness of Heaters






Minimum bend radius


Dielectric strength


Maxium watt density




Polyimide film type electric heater Application


1.Medical diagnostic equipment and analyzers.

2.Maintain temperature satellite components.

3.Keep aircraft electronic and mechanical equipment that can withstand low  temperatures at high altitudes.
4.Maintain stable optoelectronic components.
5.The reader, LCD, or ruggedized laptop computers and other outdoor electronic equipment can operate normally under the condition of low temperature.
6.Maintain a constant temperature analysis test equipment.
7.Car rearview mirror defroster tablets, or radar antenna snow removal, defrost heating element.

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