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Suitable For Oil Drum Heaters
Apr 30, 2018

The special oil drum heater of normal pressure oil field is composed of shell, heat exchanger, import and export, fire tube, chimney and saddle. The bottom of the shell cavity is equipped with fire tube, which is connected with the chimney. The shell is provided with a saddle at the bottom of the shell, and the inner cavity of the shell is provided with a communication tube which is communicated with the atmosphere so as to ensure that the pressure of the inner cavity of the shell is not greater than the normal pressure, and the communicating tube can be arranged on the top of the shell , Or may be provided on the side surface of the housing.

The invention has the advantages that the atmospheric pressure design requirement of the atmospheric pressure heater shell is realized by using a water sealing type breathing port and an open type water adding device. As the breathing port and water device connected with the atmosphere, thus ensuring the work of the heater is always present at atmospheric pressure. Temperature controller, is a temperature controller. It consists of a microcontroller, a temperature reset circuit, a temperature sampling circuit, a power conversion and voltage stabilizing circuit, a display output circuit, a key input circuit and an output control circuit.

The thermistor is used as the sensor for temperature measurement, and the buffet oven is heated by automatically controlling the heating equipment to the environment and the actual condition of the food heating equipment such as the buffet oven. Real-time display The current temperature in the oven is maintained and can be easily changed using a setup key. The set temperature is explicitly indicated by the indicators representing each set point.

The heater includes a heating wire, a PTC sensing line and a hot-melt matrix connected in series with the PTC sensing line. The heating line and the PTC sensing line are insulated and isolated from the hot-melt matrix. As a result of the combination of ordinary heating wire, the use of temperature control circuit to be controlled, it can achieve a flexible target temperature settings, the use of different environments can meet consumer temperature requirements. Since the heater wire and the PTC sensor wire are disposed in parallel adjacent to each other, the sensing wire and the heater wire are short-circuited.

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