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Technical Characteristics Of Cast Copper Heaters
Jan 30, 2018

Technical characteristics of cast copper heaters

Technical characteristics of cast copper heaters

Cast copper heater technical characteristics:

Metal casting heater is a tubular heating element for the heating element, and bending molding, into the mold with high-quality metal alloy casing for centrifugal casting into a variety of shapes, round, flat, right angle, air-cooled, water cooling and other Shaped and so on. After finishing it can be heated body close fit, cast aluminum heater surface load can reach 2.5-4.5w / cm2, the maximum working temperature between 300-450 ℃; cast copper heater surface load can reach 3.5-5.0 W / cm2, the maximum working temperature between 500-600 ℃; cast iron heater surface load can reach 4.5-6.0w / cm2, the maximum operating temperature between 550-700 ℃. Metal casting heater is a highly efficient thermal division of the heater, excellent thermal conductivity of the metal alloy to ensure that the hot surface temperature uniformity, eliminating the hot and cold equipment. With long life, good insulation properties, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, anti-magnetic field and so on. Will increase the heat dissipation surface heat device, the sintered infrared heat dissipation surface can save 35% of electricity.

Second, the main purposes:

Widely used in plastic machinery, mold, cable machinery, alloy die-casting machines, pipes, chemicals, rubber, oil and other equipment.

Third, the use of Note:

1, the working voltage shall not exceed 10% of the rated value; air relative humidity less than 95%, no explosive and corrosive gases.

2, the wiring part of the heating layer, the insulation layer, the shell should be effectively grounded; to avoid contact with corrosive, explosive media, water; lead wires should be able to withstand long-term part of the wiring temperature and heating load, wiring screws should be tightened Avoid excessive force.

3, metal casting heater should be placed in a dry place, if the long-term placement, insulation resistance less than 1MΩ, the oven can be 200 degrees Celsius baking 5-6 hours, you can return to normal. Or reduce the voltage on the heating, until the restoration of insulation resistance.

4, metal casting heater should be positioned fixed, effective heating area must be closely with the heating body, is strictly prohibited air burning. Found that the surface of dust or contaminants, it should be promptly removed and then clean, so as not to affect the heat and shorten the service life.

5, electric heating pipe outlet of the magnesium oxide powder, in the use of places to avoid contaminants and water infiltration, to prevent leakage accidents.

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