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Technical Parameter And Application Field Of Silicone Rubber Heater
Jan 20, 2018

Technical parameter and application field of silicone rubber heater

Technical parameter and application field of silicone rubber heater

Technical parameter and application field of silicone rubber heater

1. Technical parameters

Insulating material glass fiber silicone rubber

Electric film thickness 1mm ~ 2mm (conventional 1.5mm)

Maximum operating temperature Long-term 250 ° C or less

The lowest temperature -60 ° C

The highest power density 2.1W / cm2

The power density is chosen according to the actual usage

Voltage 3V ~ 220V

In this case,

2. Product introduction

Silicone rubber heater temperature range is low temperature -60 ℃, high temperature between 250 ℃. Voltage can be customized according to user requirements, the highest power density of 2.1W / cm2. The heating core has two kinds of high-resistance alloy wire and metal foil. The heating core made of metal foil can make the heater chip bear high power density, and has excellent fast heating function.

Silicone rubber heater, flake (standard thickness of 1.5mm), it has good flexibility, can be heated objects in full close contact. In this way, the heat can be transferred to any desired location.


(1) can be customized according to customer requirements, a variety of shapes and sizes (such as round, oval, vertebral ┅ ┅).

(2) Silicone rubber heater insulation layer made of silicone rubber and glass fiber composite, with high insulation properties, breakdown voltage of up to 20 ~ 50KV / mm, so you can rest assured that use.

(3) Silicone rubber heater installation is very convenient, can be vulcanized at room temperature, vulcanized installation, can also be installed according to customer requirements hole, or use the form of bundles installed.

(4) heating element with nickel alloy alloy foil for etching process, the heating power can reach 2.1W / cm2, heating more uniform.

In this case,

3. Application areas

Mainly used in the following:

A. Hot printing machine heating plate

B. Roasted cup (plate) machine heating film

C. Oil drum heaters

D. Heat sealing machine heating film

E. Medical equipment heating insulation

F. Large equipment heating

G. Chemical pipeline heating

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