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The Advantages Of Far - Infrared Quartz Electric Heating
Apr 11, 2018

I. Overview

Carbon fiber heating element is the most competitive high-tech materials in this century, its emergence in the electric field set off a new revolution, carbon fiber heating element instead of metal heating element will become an inevitable trend. Carbon fiber far-infrared quartz electric tube is a kind of high-tech products different from traditional electric heating pipe such as wire and halogen. It has long service life, high electric conversion efficiency, far infrared radiation, health and environment protection.

Product Introduction

This product heating element substrate is imported carbon fiber mat and carbon fiber wire, with the power margin, high temperature, high heat capacity, long service life, and the power can be adjusted at will. Carbon fiber quartz heating tube products, in line with GB / T2423.3-1993 basic environmental test procedures for electronic and electrical products, test Ca: constant heat and humidity test methods and GB4706.1-1992 household and similar electrical appliances safety general requirements.

Third, product performance introduced

   1. Electrical performance and stability

    After the carbon fiber quartz electric heating tube is energized, in the frequent starting, closing and long-term continuous work, the power is stable within a certain tolerance range, will not produce any instantaneous current impact;

B. Heating up quickly, energy efficient, electricity - heat conversion efficiency as high as 95% or more

C electricity - heat conversion efficiency as high as 95% or more than the average energy-saving metal body up to 30%

D work during the luminous flux is much smaller than the metal heating element of the electric tube, which means that electricity into heat high.

It is issued by the far infrared, by the human body, clothing, water and other direct absorption of special strong, in the heat transfer process of small heat loss, energy-saving strong;

F on the absorption of carbohydrates stronger, a good carbon atom resonance effect, greatly enhance product performance.

3 far-infrared radiation and health effects

2. Long service life

A carbon fiber quartz heating tube, the life of ≥ 6000 hours or more, in the frequent start, shut down and long-term continuous work, heat the body without oxidation and breakdown phenomenon, heat color uniformity, inside and outside the tube wall clean.

B high temperature, no oxidation, in the same current load area, the strength of metal wire 6 to 10 times lower than carbon fiber.

C no light pollution, does not irritate the eyes and burn the skin;

D no high-frequency radiation (only far-infrared radiation), no microwave, electromagnetic waves, but also has the absorption of harmful light properties.

E No UV radiation and noxious gases. Non-polluting substances.

IV. Scope of application

This product is widely used in heaters, heaters, Yuba, disinfection cabinet, far infrared therapy, beauty equipment, light room, sauna, drying and drying machinery, far infrared paint room and local paint machine, various baking boxes, printing Drying and drying equipment, infrared heating machinery, plastic heating machinery, washing drying and other fields.

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