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The Application Of Electric Heating Pipe In 14 Major Industries
Mar 27, 2018

The application of electric heating pipe in 14 major industries

Electric tube after a long period of application practice, has been in the following industry application has gained rich experience:

       1. Finned electric heating pipe in the dry wood, paper, printing and dyeing, paint and other aspects of a wide range of applications.

2. Dry-burning heating pipe in the salt and other salt materials, such as melting and heating is widely used.

3. Single-head heating pipe in the melting of low melting point alloys, such as melting lead furnace, melting furnace, etc. widely used.

4. Electric film for building heating.

5. Duct Heaters heat the flow of air and still air. In this case,

        6. Far infrared heating tube (quartz, ceramic) for infrared radiation heating devices.

7. Electric oven for low-temperature electric furnace, such as air circulation, such as industrial furnace.

8. 316L heating pipe, Teflon heating pipe, titanium heating pipe in the oil, water and other chemical liquids, electroplating bath heating devices, and other aspects widely used.

9. 316L heating pipe for sea water distillation device.

10. Acid and alkali heaters for alkali and acid heating device.

11. Single-head heating pipe, the average temperature of electric heating pipe used in the food industry, such as a variety of bread, biscuits, pastry baking, water tunnel for electric devices, plastic products, molding extrusion molding equipment and rubber molding products Curing equipment and so on.

12. Far infrared heaters for medical and health disinfection equipment, such as sterilization, disinfection and so on.

13 fin electric heating pipe, far infrared heating pipe vacuum varnish in the electrical heating equipment, enameled wire drying equipment and other areas widely used.

14. Cast aluminum heating plate, double-headed heating tube is often used in daily life in a variety of household appliances, such as electric stove, electric oven, rice cooker, electric wok, electric frying pan, water heaters, irons and other products.

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