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The Application Scope And Domain Of PTC Heater
May 22, 2018

The application scope and domain of PTC heater.

Need to heating temperature for many occasions of 30 ~ 260 ℃.

Automatic constant temperature heating, saving temperature control and protection, safe and reliable, long life.

Heating air, no wind automatic protection.

Water heating, dry burning, scale, long life.

PTC manufactured by tiancheng, with small power attenuation and excellent quality, is leading in the industry.

Antifreeze moistureproof, water pipes, faucets, pipe, tubing, diesel oil, engine oil, outdoor anti-freezing heat, wind power generation circuit, electrical, instrumentation, electrical appliances, electric control cabinets moistureproof prevent dew, anti-fog bathroom mirror.

Drying: clothes, shoes, hand, desiccant, tea, hot air drying of the item, chest, bookcase, shoecase, dry storage of moistureproof without wind, plastic hot air drying, conveyor belt drying, single kiln.

Boiled water, hot water: water-storage heater, hot water heater, electric KaiShuiHu, hot water dispensers, washing the dishes, wash the dishes, wash face, bath, foot bath, bubble foot of hot water, solar energy, heat pump water heater of the auxiliary heating, photovoltaic solar energy, electric heating film electricity water heater, hot water washing oil absorption, i.e. thermal type water heating tube, hot water bed, titanium, stainless steel, 304, 316, food-grade other heating tube, scale, dry and long life of heating tube, three-phase power, voltage, ac/dc common electric heat pipe, non-stick type electric heat pipe.

Hairdressing: hair straightener, wavy plate, curler, electric heat comb, wax remover, hot mask, face massage heating.

Agriculture and animal husbandry: egg hatching, hot dip seeds sprouting, tea moisture storage and drying, agricultural products, food, animals, plants, aquatic animals, fish tank of heat preservation in winter, heating water antifreeze.

Automobile, motorcycle, diesel car cold start, oil, oil tank, filter, coolant and oil heating, ternary catalytic heater, urea, car tail gas treatment heating, electric and hybrid heating system, fuel cell vehicles, motorcycle carburetor, the electric car air conditioning heating, the electric car battery, car methanol fuel heating, battery discharge load, car heaters, vehicle-mounted cup hot water.

Body warm care: the body, hands, feet, waist to keep warm, heat infrared, thermal therapy, physical therapy massage, spectrum, electric acupuncture, room, bathroom, factories, shopping malls, warehouses of heating, air conditioning, heating heater, hot water operated, floor heating, electric boiler, oil heater, radiator heating heating, in bed, no radiation heating mattress.

Daily appliances: electric heating table, travel electric iron, liquid gas cylinder heater, mosquito repellent, sterilizer, perfume incense burner, aloes incense burner, electronic cigarette lighter.

Equipment and tools:

Soldering iron, a plastic machine, plastic sealing machine, bottle sealing machine, hot melt glue gun, hot stamping, hot pressing clothes decals, resin plastic melting curing, notebook binding, glue binding books, mould heating, battery discharge load, constant temperature trough, hot baking furnace, heating sizing yarn, circuit board temperature, sensor, gas sensor, humidity sensitive, sensitive element heating, air conditioning, freezer, refrigeration equipment cooling water evaporation, electroplating trough, teflon, monel, 2520, 800, acid and alkali resistance heating tube, compressed air heating, heating, high iron, motor car solar - mains amphibious, ac/dc, lithium electric heater, high-power heating tube,

Microheating, air duct heating, methanol atomizer.

Food and beverage, rice cooker, simmering heat preservation, wine, coffee, tea, milk bottle, food, food, buffet, heat preservation, soya-bean milk coffee, tea, drinking water, boil, natto, yogurt, food fermentation, electric table, cotton candy machine, chocolate extrusion, hot drinks vending machine, wet tissue paper insulation, prevent burning non-stick heating tube, pancakes Fried plate.

Steam or humidification: sauna, hairdressing, disinfection, humidifying steam, humidifier water vapor heating, facial humidifier.

Medical treatment: medicine hot compress, fumigation, traditional Chinese medicine baking and drying, injection infusion heating, heat therapy apparatus, hot moxibustion, medical grade heater.

Other: temperature control switch manual restore protection, circuit delay switch, electronic smoke vaporization.

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