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The Benefits Of The Heater
May 30, 2018

Where the use of steam heating conditions, are able to use jet-type hybrid heater, in the thermal power plant or steam production of industrial boiler room thermal system, a series of continuous expansion of pollutants and expansion of the container is essential for thermal equipment. The effect of successive effluent is to remove the salt impurities in the pan and to control the salt concentration of the pan. The effect of the regular discharge is to remove the loose sediment from the pot. The amount of sewage water varies depending on the tonnage of the boiler. Generally, the amount of sewage discharged does not exceed 5% of the boiler evaporation. The timing of the sewage does not exceed 2% of the boiler evaporation. These sewage water is rich in a lot of heat, but because the concentration of salt in the sewage is too high, can no longer use, can only be discharged. When the sewage into the sewage expansion tank, due to expansion and pressure relief effect, will occur a lot of secondary steam, which some steam is pure, able to recover the use. The use of jet-type hybrid heater technology to recover some of this steam. Through accounting we can see that the recovery of some of the steam energy efficiency is still very impressive.

In the petroleum, chemical, textile, metallurgical and other occupations, often on the need for corrosive, easy to scale, scar of the liquid material heating and heating. Most of the traditional heating methods are the use of external heaters or the choice of direct steam into the liquid tank in the straight-through heating method. The former heating method is a joint, but because the liquid in the external heaters in the smaller flow rate, long stay, so the heating tube is more likely to be corroded, the pipe scar more severe. Then a heating method can only be intermittent, chaotic system, low thermal efficiency, low production efficiency. And the system is running with corrosive substances and irritating odor of the scattered gas serious pollution of the surrounding environment, the system sensation, the noise is great. As a result of the above two kinds of heating methods of unscientific, resulting in equipment when the fortunes, increased maintenance and maintenance operations and costs, reducing thermal efficiency, increased production costs, and then affected the company's overall economic efficiency.

The air duct heater is mainly used for the air heating in the air duct. The standard is divided into three kinds of ways: low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature. The common feature in the structure is that the steel plate is used to support the electric heating tube to reduce the oscillation of the electric heating pipe. Equipped with over-temperature control equipment. In addition to the convenience of handling in addition to the installation of over-temperature maintenance, but also in the fan and heater between the transport equipment to ensure that the electric heater must be started after the start of the fan, in front of the heater plus a differential pressure device to prevent the fan Failure, channel heater heating gas pressure should not exceed 10Kg / cm2, such as beyond the above pressure standards, please use the circulating electric heater, low temperature heater gas heating maximum temperature does not exceed 160 ℃; medium temperature does not exceed 360 ℃ ; High temperature does not exceed 650 ℃

Air duct heating with the characteristics of the thermoelectric heating tube is used outside the corrugated stainless steel band, an increase of heat dissipation area, greatly improving the heat exchange efficiency. And the heat heater planning is reasonable, small wind resistance, heating evenly, no high, low temperature dead ends. It also has two layers of maintenance, good safety performance. In the heater installed on the thermostat, fuse, can be used to manipulate the air temperature of the air duct over the wind without the case of the operation, to ensure foolproof. Medium heat mechanical duct heater Product use: heated air for a variety of different substances boring / curing, heat treatment, reheating and dehumidification and other similar use. And its mechanical properties are good, because of its heating element is a special alloy material, so under the impact of high pressure air flow, it is better than any of the heating body mechanical properties and strength, which is on the demand for long-term continuous heating of the air System and accessories test more advantages.

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