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The Difference Between Dry - Heating Electric Heating Pipe And Air - Dry Electric Heating Pipe
May 31, 2018

In the demand for liquid heating, the normal demand in the mall in the purchase of electric heating tube for liquid heating, the market there are about two series: First, the traditional liquid heater. Second, anti-dry electric heating tube. In all aspects of the cost-effective, anti-dry electric heating tube is highly anticipated, can directly heat the temperature of the liquid to monitor and control functions, high-precision temperature control manipulator, making the heating tube in the use of simple operation, Easy to use, together with the heat of the heating tube heating probe near the heat pipe heat appearance, this way, can be useful through the temperature monitoring to avoid the heater water, dry and other conditions, can be more useful to improve the use of life Number and electrical characteristics.

Anti-dry electric heating tube features:

1, the heater comes with internal temperature control, simple operation, easy to use, easy to install.

2, metal casing stainless steel raw materials (stainless steel SUS304, SUS321, SUS310S, INOC800, INCO840), sealing style EPOXY (epoxy) seal or GLASS (glass) sealing.

3, anti-dry electric heating pipe can be placed directly with the heating zone (direct heating), can be useful to improve the thermal efficiency, heating effect is better than heating from the outside of the container (direct heating).

4, flange scale are in accordance with the existing Japanese JIS specification 5, according to the needs of equipment, in accordance with the drawings scale custom production.

Anti-dry heating tube Note:

1, the heating part of the heater can not be separated from the heating liquid, exposed and dry in the air, so that the heating temperature of the heater may form the surrounding objects spontaneous combustion, causing a fire; may form a heater damage.

2, long-term use, the appearance of the heating tube simple accumulation of oxides, scale and other debris, this situation will make the heat generated by the heating tube can not be issued out in time, and the formation of heating tube damage. Regular use should be regularly organized to view.

3, heating tube power card connector should be strong, power cord fixed parts should ensure that close.

4, the heating pipe selection time should be based on the practice of heating objects to choose, to avoid random selection, indiscriminate use.

5, heating tube use time, please refer to the horizontal, vertical device guidelines.

Air dry electric heating pipe used in footwear machinery, chemical machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, electric oven, centrifuge, battery factory, battery factory, garment factory steam stove, automated electronic equipment, wave soldering, reflowing machinery, washing dry machinery And refrigeration equipment, air and medium heating, rich electric tube production to test, based on the use of different heating tube environment, scientific and targeted planning, the use of improved heating tube safety and longevity

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