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The Difference Between Duct Heater And Bearing Heater
May 14, 2018

Bearing heater is based on the title of the workpiece to be heated, select the appropriate from the company's type of induction heater; select the series of induction heater. Determine the size of the size of the workpiece to be heated, bearing parts only need to determine the bearing diameter (minimum - the most commonly used standard), you can determine the standard type of bearing heater; motor aluminum (aluminum) Type or the size of the enclosure diameter, you can determine the standard type of motor aluminum heater; other parts need to be based on the maximum diameter, width, diameter and other parameters selection. On the degree of automation requirements of the industry, such as the engine assembly line is clear whether the need for automatic feeding, the main control components is not the need to import brand configuration; on high-precision industries such as wind power, the aviation industry is not the demand at a lower temperature Repeated by heating to obtain. Special requirements or custom products need to supply the workpiece specific dimensions or simple parts drawings, and indicate the raw materials, business cooperation interference, the need to heat the temperature, installation of the beat, power conditions, on-site operation is not demand mobile, heavy Before the installation of the hoisting habits that the workpiece is placed in the level of heating is still placed straight to prevent the repeated lifting of the workpiece to adjust the installation direction

Air duct heater is mainly used for air heating in the duct, the standard sub-low temperature, medium temperature, high temperature in three ways, in the structure of the common is the use of steel plate to support the electric tube to reduce the fan stop when the electric tube oscillation, The junction box is equipped with over-temperature control equipment. Low temperature type can be installed directly on the duct, and the temperature type, high temperature type due to the structure is not the same, in the channel outside the wall to the heater junction box folder with 100mm thick insulation material, on the one hand cut all the external heat dissipation, on the other hand Also cut the temperature inside the wiring chamber.

It has the following characteristics:

1. Electric heating tube with outside the corrugated stainless steel band, an increase of heat dissipation area, greatly improving the heat exchange power.

2. Heater planning is reasonable, small wind resistance, heating evenly, no high, low temperature dead ends.

3. Double maintenance, good security. In the heater installed on the thermostat, fuses, can be used to manipulate the air temperature of the duct over temperature and no wind conditions, to ensure full of confidence.


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