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The Difference Between Water Heating Pipe And Liquid Heating Pipe
May 12, 2018

The heating tube is designed according to the principle of induction heating and heat conduction. The heater body is immersed in water or liquid. The induction coil is installed inside the heating body so that the heating body forms the inner and outer water chambers. The magnetic field lines generated by the induction coil are The inner and outer walls of the water chamber have numerous eddy currents so that the inner and outer walls of the water chamber itself are efficiently heated under the effect of the vortex to heat the water or the liquid in the water chamber. Fundamentally rooted in the leakage of magnetic, magnetic wire utilization reached 100%, which also increased the heating power, together also solve the now widespread magnetic leakage of the doubt, completed the water and electricity, running solid, safe control, Clean and environmental protection and other characteristics, so that people will be safe and secure use of battery magnetic heating products.

Liquid heating tube flange structure were round, square and bolt shape. Square, bolt-shaped structure of compact, small footprint, easy to place and place. Users can use different options. Liquid heating pipe technical indicators

1. Power error: +5 ~ -10%

2. Cold insulation resistance: ≥ 50MΩ

3. Insulation withstand voltage: 200V operating voltage of 1500V / 1min 380V operating voltage of 2000V / 1min

Insulation Information: Magnesium oxide tube Information: stainless steel seamless pipe, welding, copper, brass, carbon steel pipe. The following are the same as the "

Common diameter: Φ22, Φ20, Φ18, Φ16, Φ14, Φ12, Φ10, Φ8.5, Φ8, Φ6.5

Length: 200mm-5000mm

Appearance: all kinds of nickel, passivation, black, spray.

Shape: all kinds of U-shaped 0 and so on shape

Electric heating pipe can be designed in accordance with the user's own drawings and technical needs of the production of various types of raw materials, models and shape of the electric heating pipe, and promise the quality of goods and customer satisfaction needs.

Instructions for the use of liquid heating pipes

1. Operating voltage should not be greater than 1.1 times the rated value, the shell should be useful grounding.

2. useful heating size is necessary to fully immersed in water to prevent air burning.

3. Pipe scale scale should be regularly eradicated, to prevent the impact of heat and shorten the service life.

4. Components should be stored in a boring place, if the insulation resistance is less than 1MΩ for a long time, you can reduce the voltage through the heating or into the oven boring until the rehabilitation of insulation overcast.

5. When tightening the wiring screws, prevent excessive force.

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