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The Functional Characteristics Of The Heating Tube
Aug 19, 2017

The functional characteristics of the heating tube

Small size and high power: the heater mainly adopts cluster tubular electric heating element. The utility model has the advantages of fast heat echo, high temperature control precision and high comprehensive heat efficiency. High heating temperature: the highest design temperature of the heater can reach 850 centigrade. Medium outlet temperature average, high temperature control accuracy. The utility model has the advantages of wide application range and strong adaptability. The heater can be used in explosion prevention or popular places, and the explosion-proof grade can reach D, II, B and C, and the pressure resistance can reach 20MPa. The utility model has the advantages of long service life and high reliability: the heater is made of special electric heating material, and the designed power load is low, and multiple maintenance is adopted so as to greatly increase the safety and service life of the electric heater. Can be fully automatic control: according to the requirements, through the heater circuit design, you can easily complete the export temperature, flow, pressure and other parameters, active control, and can be connected with the computer. The energy saving results are obvious, and the heat generated by the electric energy is almost 100% to the heating medium.

The utility model relates to a fluid explosion-proof electric heater, which is used for heating materials by converting electric energy consumption into heat energy. In the task of cryogenic fluid medium through pipelines under pressure into the effect of input, along the electric heating container specific heat flow, using the way of fluid thermodynamics principle design, take away heat energy generated in the heating element, heating medium temperature, high temperature medium electric heater outlet for technical requirements. The internal control system of the electric heater according to the signal of the temperature sensor output self regulating electric heater power output, the average output of the medium temperature; when the temperature when the components have a fever, have a fever components self maintenance and installation immediately cut off the overheated heating power, heating temperature causes the material to prevent decay, coking, carbonization, severe to have a fever components burned useful electric heater service life extension.

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