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The Heating Source Of A Heating Tank
Apr 24, 2018

The temperature of the heater may vary depending on the environment in which it is used, the material and shape of the heated object. Overlap the twisted was "8" shaped closed steel ring on the valve section, the work of the paragraph and the temperature compensation section of the order. In the working section, the temperature compensation section and the pipe between the pressurizing pump and the regulating valve are wrapped with heat-conducting cement, the electric heating band and the freezing tube are wound in the heat-conducting glue along the ring road axially, and the outer side of the thermal- , And on the work section set up non-contact flowmeter, more than only non-contact colorimeter and more than just a temperature sensor. The device is relatively lengthened the length of the test section, can carry out long-distance transport simulation test.

The bending radius of the test loop is increased, and the influence of centrifugal force and centripetal force on the conveying medium is neutralized. The heating device comprises a tank body, a power source, a heating source and a heat conduction device. The tank body is provided with a floor. The power source is connected with a heating source through a wire, and the heating source is connected with the heat conduction device. The heating source may be a heating box, the heating box has a heating tube and a heat conducting agent, the heating box is provided with a heat conducting agent outlet and an inlet, the power source is connected with the heating pipe; the heat conducting agent outlet is connected with a pump, the pump and the heat pipe , And the other end of the heat transfer tube is reattached to the inlet of the heat conducting agent.

The heating source and the heat conducting device may be combined into an electric heating tape or an electric heating film. The electric heating tape or film is placed under the floor, and the electric heating tape or film contains a heating wire and the power source is connected with the heating wire. The outer layer of the hose structure is wrapped with a layer of waterproof and heat preservation structure, and the outer layer of the band structure is provided with a sheath. The heating and insulation heating belt structure is formed by folding a soft belt along its longitudinal central axis, and the soft cloth is unfolded with no less than one binding cord at the middle part of its upper longitudinal surface and separating the soft cloth into a heat preservation area and a heating area, The region of longitudinal possession of electric heating body.

The hose structure can be heated by an exothermic body in an environment where the temperature is abnormally low, so that the hose structure is always used within an allowable temperature range. The hardware part mainly includes: the sample cabinet, the sensor, the data acquisition card and the computer. The data acquisition card is used for data acquisition; the computer is used to realize the function of display, data processing and storage, etc. The data acquisition card is used for data acquisition, data acquisition, data storage and so on. In this paper, the hardware of all aspects of a careful analysis, selection and design. The main part of the software is to use C Builder to program the data acquisition card. The main functions of the software include: controlling the data acquisition card, processing, displaying and saving the collected signals. Experiments show that the test system has the advantages of correct test, easy manipulation and high degree of automation.

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