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The Importance Of The Chemical Treatment Of The Surface Of The Electric Heating Pipe
Apr 11, 2018

The surface of the heating tube to prevent rust are required for chemical treatment, that is, the surface of electric heating tube. But not all of the heating pipe need to be the same surface treatment. This is to look at the environment and how to use, different working environment produced by the electric tube material is not the same. But the role of electric heating tube is the same amount of function. Heating tube is the basic function of external heating.

For we usually use the most and most common should be used to heat the water heating tube.

Heating of the water heating tube, according to their application areas can also be divided into large-scale application of electric boiler tubes and personal small-scale electric heating tube. Now in order to rust, a lot of electric heating tubes are used a lot of chemical treatment. In general, we are most common is the surface of the copper tube heating treatment. Of course, some aluminum. Cast aluminum heater is mainly divided into: cast aluminum heating ring with air duct, air-cooled cast aluminum heating ring, cast aluminum heater for medical equipment, cast iron plate type of round cake, plug-cast aluminum heating plate, right-angle cast aluminum Heating plate, extruder cast aluminum heater, water-cooled cast aluminum heater, with air duct cast aluminum electric circle, injection molding machine cast aluminum heating ring, foaming machine casting aluminum heating ring and so on. Cast copper heaters are mainly divided into: cast copper heating plate, pelletizer cast copper heating plate, drum-type copper heaters, C-type cast copper heaters, right angle granulator cast copper heating plate.

In a good electric tube in the production process, to go through a lot of road processing. Its ultimate goal is to electric tube life and safety. For a device that has been heating in terms of technology in the best electric heating tube manufacturers to buy regular factory qualified products.

Summarize the surface of the electric heating tube is the purpose of chemical treatment in order to better work and play the role of a protective!

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