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The Latest Heating Elements Exhibition
Feb 06, 2018

The 5th Shanghai International Electric Heating Technology and Equipment Exhibition in 2018

Time: June 12-June 14, 2018     Place: Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center(No.88, Caobao Road) 

Take part in the world’s first electric heating trade show

 and experience an unparalleled electric heating journey.

 The world’s largest, most influential and professional electric heating exhibition

 Seek professional and cross-regional partners to expand international and Chinese market

 Several world’s top experts help you master the global trend and market prospects of electric heating industry

 More than 350 companies and 5000 new products and technologies provide a complete solution for electric heating

500 global bulk purchasing groups, over ten thousand suitable purchasing agents and one-stop shopping platforms

Simultaneous Holding; The 5th Shanghai International Heat Energy Technique Exposition in 2018

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【Organizational Structure】


Electric Heating Professional Committee of China Electrical Technology Association

Hanmu Exhibition Service(Shanghai) Co., Ltd          

Shanghai Yixin Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


Huizhou City of Machinery Technology Co., Ltd


Branch of Industrial Daily Appliances of CEEIA

Standardization Technical Committee of National Industrial Electric Heating Equipment

Branch of Electrotechnical Products of China Electrical Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce

Branch of Appliances of China Electrical Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce

【ChinaDRYJ2018Exhibition Background】With the sustainable development of economic society, China has become the world’s top user of electric heating products and the world’s production base of electric heating products. The huge market demand provides a wide range of development space for the manufacturers of electric heating products and application and equipment manufacturers of electric heating machinery, material and electric heating elements. Shanghai, as China’s economic, financial and trade center, its developed electronic appliances, machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, metallurgy and other industries have the largest hvac&refrigeration and home appliances manufacturing base with most complete range of articles and most advanced production technology, which will give electric heating industry an unlimited and wide consumer market.

“The 5th Shanghai International Electric Heating Technology and Equipment Exhibition in 2018” will be held grandly in Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center from June 12 to June 14 in order to promote the sustainable development of the electric heating industry. Make full use of the mode of “unity of two exhibitions” of professional exhibition and trade exhibition, “unity of three meetings” of exhibition, ordering meeting and seminar, and “gathering of four dealers” of producers, distributors, supporting manufacturers and service providers, hold the national electric heating equipment model exhibition with market targeting, high professional technology, productive factuality and activity characteristics, which creates opportunities for domestic and foreign enterprises to expand international and domestic market, promote technical exchange! 

“The 4th Shanghai International Electric Heating Technology and Equipment Exhibition in 2017” was held successfully in Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center from April 12 to April 14. More than 300 well-known enterprises exhibit more than a dozen categories in a centralized way in five exhibition area of 20,000 square meters, showing nearly 1300 new technologies and products of electric heating. More than 26,000 professional audiences attended the exhibition who come from overseas 37 countries (the United States, Britain, Italy, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Denmark, Japan, Portugal, Korea, Singapore, Latvia, Thailand, Russia, Ireland, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Egypt, Algeria, Iran, Israel, Kenya, Kuwait, Libya, Mexico, Morocco, Burma, Pakistan, Rumania, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.), 22 provinces and cities in China(Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Anhui, Guangdong, Beijing, Hebei, Tianjin, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, etc). More than 80 percent of the exhibitors said they were satisfied. They believed that the audience was of high quality and would continue to attend the exhibition next time.

【ChinaDRYJ2018 Exhibition Prospect】The annual world’s largest and most professional grand gathering of electric heating industry--2018 Shanghai Electric Exhibition continues to be held in Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center from June 12 to June 14 in 2018. China DRY2018 has a presupposed exhibition area of 20,000 square meters and more than 700 presupposed booths. It plans to invite 350 exhibitors and 30,000 professional audiences from 30 countries and areas. China DRY2018 will provide an integrated platform of “show, cooperation, trade, development” for electric heating industry at home and abroad, and carefully build an electric heating grand gathering with several advantages such as global only internationalism, strong supports from each leadership department, positive response of industry and wide participation of industry, which will inject new vitality into the boom development of electric heating industry and open up new opportunities.

【ChinaDRYJ2018 Exhibition Scope】

◆Electric Heating Element: cartridge heaters for domestic use, single head tube, double head tube, electrothermal film, electric hot plate, ribbon heater, electric hot tray, heater band, electrical bar, PTC heating elements, thick film heating element, mica electric heating element, far infrared electric heating element, ceramics electric heating element, induced electric heating element, microwave heating element, warped fin radiator, heat tape, heat flow path heater, thermistor, thermocouple and electric heating core;

◆Electric Heating Material and Accessory: heating wire and electric heating alloy, electrical grade magnesium oxide powder, thick film heating materials, ceramic elements, terminal needle, flange, electric heating casting, sealing rubber, rubber plug, epoxy resin, magnesium rod, brass, stainless steel pipe, copper plated iron pipe, aluminum tube, welded pipe, high temperature wire, heating wire and cable, metal belt, far infrared electric heating material, light wave electric heating material, mica heating material, microwave heating material, induced electric heating material, ceramics heating material, silicon rubber heating material, PTC heating material, temperature controller, testing instrument and other materials and accessories;

◆Electric Heating Manufacturing Equipment: shrink tube machine, pipe-bending machine, reeling machine, powder filing machine, automatic pipe welder, pipe cutting machine, stretcher, pipe welding set, pipe cutting machine, terminal pressing machine, spot welder, oil pressure shaping equipment, mesh belt furance, welding machine, face lathe, short-circuit annealing machine, marking machine, spraying machine, electric oven, electric heating machinery equipment, etc;

◆Household and Commercial Electric Appliances and Industrial Electric Heating Equipment: electric heating machinery, explosion-proof electric heater, electric heat tracing system, hot runner system, electric boiler, electric heating oil furnace, electric furnace, oven, resistance furnace, induction furnace, vacuum furnace, electric beam furnace, electric melting furnace, solder machine and other kinds of industrial electric heating and heat treatment equipment and other househole and commercial electric heating appliances;

◆Induction Electric Heating Equipment:electromagnetic heater, electromagnetic heating ring, electromagnetic heating controller, electromagnetic heating control panel, electromagnetic induction heating power supply, electromagnetic heating coil, electromagnetic heating energy-saving equipment, ultra-high frequency, high frequency machine, super audio, intermediate frequency machine, high-frequency electron tube, silicon controlled intermediate frequency, smelting furnace, quenching machine, electric resistance furnace, mesh belt furnace, pit furnace, batch-type furnace, complete set of equipment, auxiliary equipment and accessories of car bottom furnace, closed cooling tower and cooling-water machine;

【ChinaDRYJ2018Exhibition Bright Spot】

I. Five Broad Themes, Gathering of Heroes

◆Electric Heating Element                                 ◆Electric Heating Material and Matching

◆Electric Heating Manufacturing Equipment     ◆Household and Commercial Electric Heating Appliances

◆Induction Electric Heating Equipment


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