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The Main Purpose Of Explosion-proof Electric Heater
May 15, 2018

Generally speaking, the explosion-proof electric heater is the heat transfer oil as the heat carrier, the internal high temperature voltage system through the oil circulation pump through the power of forced processing, the internal high temperature voltage heat transfer to one or more electric heating equipment. When the electric heating equipment through the high temperature voltage system in the transition function, the heat transfer oil began a new heating operation power, that is, once again through the circulating pump, back to the electric heating furnace secondary heat absorption to the electric heating furnace internal high temperature voltage system, After this cycle of operation, so that the electric furnace through the heat of the uninterrupted transmission. So that the electric furnace internal high-temperature voltage system can continue to obtain high-temperature power. And then satisfying the heating demand of the heating medium during the high temperature process.

Explosion-proof electric heater is a leading international electric heater technology developed on the basis of a high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, safe for high voltage voltage thermal energy explosion-proof industrial electric heating furnace. This type of electric heating furnace is a kind of electric power for the power and then its internal high-temperature voltage body system into heat energy mode of operation.

Explosion-proof electric heater to mechanical heating characteristics of the professional has the following aspects:

1, to achieve the internal high-temperature voltage system of uninterrupted transmission. To ensure that the electric heating equipment within the high temperature voltage system to use electricity to obtain higher temperature power. Satisfied medium in the operation of the high-temperature heating needs, so that the effect to the maximum.

2, such equipment has a fine structure, light weight, light weight, the device process is convenient. Heating to the surrounding environment does not produce injury, can be relatively low operating pressure to achieve the appropriate high heating temperature and power.

3, intelligent high standard. China's electric heater network of the relevant technical staff of its leading intelligent heating mode, that is, through the gas heater internal high-temperature voltage medium to set the original operating temperature, in the test, the temperature control accuracy And a range of ± 2 ° C to ± 0.2 ° C can be achieved.

4, the internal high-pressure system of such equipment to the DCS system to provide the heater is running, high temperature, fault, outage and other alarm signals, but also to withstand the DCS announced the initiative, outage and other operating slogans, and the electric heater system A reliable safety monitoring device, but this electric heater price reference is relatively high.

5, electrical equipment has a number of related interfaces, can at any time on the heat pump, heat transfer oil temperature flow, the internal high temperature voltage pressure for useful monitoring. And then realize the explosion-proof electric heater more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, more efficient idealized change.

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