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The Precautions Of Electric Heater In Working
Feb 26, 2018

The Precautions of Electric Heater in Working

Electric heater in the work of the Note:

1. The device of the electric heater must be placed on the non-combustible material base which does not conduct heat;

(2) electric heater wire safety cut-off capacity must meet the capacity requirements of electric heaters;

3. Industrial electric heaters in any case to install a separate circuit;

4. Wire must be installed plug, not the thread directly into the socket;

5. Heater wire aging should be replaced in time, the circuit is not installed in the electric heater fuses shall not be used;

6 electric heater must be used when the care, leave the plug should be unplugged, in the course of the event, in case of power failure, it should be promptly pulled out the plug, do not forget;

7. For many repairs of the resistance wire, it is best not to use, should replace the new resistance wire;

8. Flammable and explosive materials is strictly prohibited with electric heater drying;

9. Electric oven should control the temperature of the device, it is necessary to prevent the temperature is too high, but also to prevent baking time is too long.

10. Production of electric heaters The material into the production line, we must first avoid the operation or improper use, resulting in poor material operations.

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