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The Principle And Application Of Flanged Heating Tube?
Oct 25, 2017

The principle and application of flanged heating tube?

Flange type heating pipe, heating pipe with 1 flange flange type heating tube principle (also known as the insertion type electric heater): is the use of U type electric heating tube, according to the code for design of heating medium, in accordance with the requirements of assembly power configuration with a flange, to be inserted into the heating material, stainless steel heat conduction by heating when the pipe work to a heated medium to medium temperature, meet the requirements of the necessary technology. When the medium temperature reaches the requirements of the process control system according to the set value, '> sensor temperature sensor signal, after the PID operation after adjusting the output power of electric heater, stainless steel tube resistive load to achieve temperature control. When the heating element is over temperature or low liquid level, the interlock protection device of heating element immediately cuts off the heating power supply to avoid burning out the heating element and prolong the service life. 2, flange type heating pipe application is called immersion liquid heating tube, certainly mainly is used in liquid in general, flange type heating pipe for petroleum, chemical, food, machinery and other industries of various types of tanks, containers, tank insulation and heating material. The connection can be flanged or threaded end face seal. Specific flange heating pipe order, we need to provide customers with flange size, voltage, power, a group of U type heating tube composition, specific calls consultation.

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