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The Selection Of Oil Heater Power
Apr 20, 2018

Oil drum heater, also known as oil drum heating, silicone rubber heater, is a kind of silicone heating plate. The soft features of silicone heating plate, bending characteristics, in the hot plate on both sides of the holes reserved riveting metal buckle, spring buckle in the barrel, pipe, tank. Installation is convenient and fast. Can make use of silicon rubber heating plate tension of the spring close to the heated parts, heating quickly, high thermal efficiency. Tank heating by heating the barrel of liquid, condensate easily removed, such as the barrel of the adhesive, grease, asphalt, paint, paraffin, oil and a variety of resin raw materials, heating through the barrel, the viscosity decreased uniformity , Reduce the pump skill. Therefore, the device is not affected by the season can be used year round. TUBE TUBE Surface Mount Sensors, temperature controlled directly by temperature. In this case,

  The purpose of controlling the temperature of the mold and the influence of the mold temperature on the injection-molded parts In the injection molding process, the main purpose of controlling the mold temperature is to heat the mold to the working temperature and keep the mold temperature constant at the working temperature. The success of the above two points, you can optimize the cycle time, and thus ensure the stability of high-quality molded parts. Mold temperature will affect the surface quality, mobility,

Shrinkage, injection cycle and deformation of several aspects. Mold temperature is too high or insufficient for different materials will have different effects. For thermoplastics, a higher mold temperature generally improves surface quality and fluidity, but extends the cooling time and injection cycle. Lower mold temperature will reduce shrinkage in the mold, but will increase the rate of shrinkage after injection molding.

In the production of oil, when the crude oil from the reservoir through the tubing and pipeline to reach the gathering and transportation pump station, due to heat loss, so that the temperature of crude oil below the critical flow temperature. This will lead to deposition of wax precipitation, viscosity suddenly increased, increasing the flow pressure drop which can not be successfully mined.

   "Heat recovery" is the use of heat sources along the mining process, through the carrier and crude oil (thick, wax, condensate) for heat exchange, added heat loss, to overcome the above problems, to achieve the purpose of smooth mining. Any sustained temperature can be achieved by thermal design. As the electric heating oil drum heater is installed in the insulation layer and the pipe (or equipment) between the outer wall, the use of electric heat to supplement the heat lost in the process of storage to maintain a certain temperature range, to insulation and antifreeze the goal of.

So electric heat still need to have insulation, moisture and protective layer. Insulation layer material, thickness and structure of the choice should be based on insulation and anti-condensation requirements of the insulation layer thickness calculation and selection of electric power band. When the power is too large, and then increase the thickness of the insulation layer.For insulation for the purpose of the insulation layer may be no moisture layer, but for the purpose of antifreeze insulation layer should generally be set moisture. Only in the summer to ensure that the pipeline, the device surface is not the case of condensation can be no moisture layer.

The setting of the protective layer is the same as that of the non-electric heating protective layer. As the heat tracing cable is installed between the insulation layer and the outer wall of the pipe (or equipment), the electric heat is used to supplement the lost heat during the storage and transportation, so as to maintain a certain temperature range and achieve the insulation and antifreeze. purpose.

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