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The Types And Characteristics Of Electric Heating Elements
Jan 22, 2018

The types and characteristics of electric heating elements

The types and characteristics of electric heating elements

The types and characteristics of electric components Electric heating element is to achieve the conversion of electrical energy to a class of components, all kinds of electric heating equipment to use electric components to heat. Electric components from the advent of the day, in people's production and life play an important role. Today, we look at the types of electric components and advantages and disadvantages.

 1, electric wire electric wire is the earliest emergence of a heating element, it is the basic working principle of electric heat to achieve energy conversion. Although the traditional electric heating wire electric components, but has not yet been replaced, and now electric wire is still in various fields, especially industrial production and laboratories are widely used. Heating wire in recent years, more use of iron-chrome aluminum and nickel-chromium alloy, iron-chrome aluminum alloy has reached the maximum temperature of 1400 ℃. Electric wire, based on the development in recent years of the electric bar, electric plate, electric heating elements, but their essence is still electric wire, the principle can not escape from the electric. The advantages of electric wire heating temperature and heat temperature is high, the technology is mature, easy to manufacture and facilitate the use of supporting a variety of electric equipment. The disadvantage of electric wire is its low energy conversion rate, accompanied by the process of heating the luminous process, so the energy conversion rate can only reach 60% to 70%.

  2, PTC heating element PTC full name is Positive Temperature Coefficient, that is, thermistor, which is the conductive material sintered through the composite made of a heating element. PTC electric heating element is a kind of electric heating element, which is limited by the Curie temperature. It can only be used in the heating below 350 ℃. It can be used in all kinds of low-power and low-temperature electric heating equipment. PTC heating element has the advantage of no open flame heating, heating up to 70% efficiency. PTC electric components of the shortcomings of the seismic performance is poor, can not be arbitrarily cut use, in particular, PTC electric components by the Curie temperature limit, can not be used for heating above 350 ℃, PTC heating element in the actual production and life applications can only be limited In the field of low temperature heating.

3, conductive coating conductive coating is also known as the black film, produced in the 20th century, the late 50's, was sprayed on the surface of insulating materials can be used as electric heating elements. Conductive paint itself uses a lot, and as the application of electric components less, it has the advantage of surface heating, cooling area, seismic performance, but the disadvantage is easy to fall off the heat layer, and can only be applied to 200 ℃ the following heating.

4, electric film electric film is emerging in recent years, a heating element, which draws on the PTC and conductive coating two kinds of electric components made of the characteristics of the. Electrothermal film is mainly used in indoor heating and environmental temperature maintenance, etc., such as building heating, brooding room insulation. The advantages of the electric film are no open flame heating, no heating, no heat resistance, fast thermal conductivity, long service life and easy cutting and separation. Especially, the electric energy conversion efficiency of electric film is as high as 90%. The shortcomings of electric film heating rate is slow, the heating temperature can not yet achieve a higher value, heat dissipation speed after power out

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