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The Use Of Electric Heating Element Pipe Maintenance
Mar 17, 2018

The use of electric heating element pipe maintenance

The use of electric heating element pipe maintenance:

1. Dimension "B" in the dimension drawing must be completely immersed in the oil to avoid burning out the components. The heated oil should be non-corrosive.

2, the working surface of the electric heating tube must be under the fasteners, size line "B" above.

3, melting asphalt, paraffin and other solid oil should be used to reduce the voltage, such as melting and then rose to rated voltage. To prevent the concentration of electricity to reduce component life.

4, found that the surface of the tube with carbon, must be removed after use, so as not to reduce efficiency, and even burned components.

5, the heating tube should be stored in the dry, if the long-term placement and insulation resistance down to less than 1 megohm, can be 200 ℃ in the oven for several hours (or low pressure components through a few hours), or recovery Insulation resistance.

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