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The Working Principle Of Oil Drum Heating In Paraffin
Apr 25, 2018

Tank heating by heating the barrel of liquid, condensate easily removed, such as the barrel of the adhesive, grease, asphalt, paint, paraffin, oil and a variety of resin raw materials, heated by the barrel, the viscosity decreased uniformity , Reduce the pump skill. Therefore, the device is not affected by the season can be used year round.

Oil drum heater is used for lack of tanks, pipes, barrels and other equipment, heating, heat and insulation. Can be directly wound in the heated parts, easy installation and removal. Particularly applicable to the dissolution of paraffin, to prevent winter oil objects such as wax. The surface temperature of the heater when it was suspended from a static air at 20 ° C was 150 ° C. The temperature of the heater may vary depending on the environment in which it is used, the material and shape of the heated object.

The device is relatively lengthened the length of the test section, can carry out long-distance transport simulation test. The bending radius of the test loop is increased, and the influence of centrifugal force and centripetal force on the conveying medium is neutralized. Can transfer medium and pipe thermostat. Study on the influence of uphill or downhill on the mixed oil parameters.

Overwarped, distorted, zig-zag closed steel ring is arranged in sequence by pump section, working section and temperature compensation section. In the working section, the temperature compensation section and the pipe between the pressurizing pump and the regulating valve are wrapped with heat-conducting cement, the electric heating band and the freezing tube are wound in the heat-conducting glue along the ring road axially, and the outer side of the thermal- , And on the work section set up non-contact flowmeter, more than only non-contact colorimeter and more than just a temperature sensor.

We produce oil drums with a thin, light weight and flexibility .... With this heater, heat transfer to any desired location, improved heat transfer, accelerated heating and Reduced power requirements. Glass fiber - reinforced silicone rubber gives you the stability of the heater size, without loss of flexibility. 1. Features: (1) according to the actual shape and size design, including three-dimensional geometry to meet your equipment. (2) moisture-proof silicone rubber material to provide a longer heater life. (3) Easy to paste and stick in your parts, through curing, adhesives, or fasteners and so on. Application: (1) freezing protection and anti-compression, for many types of equipment and equipment. (2) provision of medical equipment such as blood analyzers, test tube heaters, and so on. (3) computer-aided equipment such as laser printers. (4) plastic film curing

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