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There Are So Many Advantages Of An Electric Heating Tube
Aug 07, 2017

There are so many advantages of an electric heating tube

The advantages of electric heating tube are: less investment at one time

The advantages of electric heating tube two: small heat inertia, high precision of temperature control, the heating effect of the electric heating pipe three advantages: the temperature measurement hole flange heating tube power adjustment more convenient, so the temperature control is more convenient, it is easy to realize automatic control.

The advantages of electric heating tube four: no environmental atmosphere conditions, unlike fuel combustion need to use oxygen, so the heating material is not easy to oxidation.

The advantages of the electric heating tube are: five, the electric heating pipe and the electric heater are easy to be made, the structure is compact, the maintenance is convenient, and the working condition of the operator can be greatly improved.

The advantages of an electric heating tube are six: the heating tube can concentrate a large amount of heat energy in a very small range so that it can be heated at a high speed so that the temperature can be easily reached.

The advantages of the electric heating tube seven: heating articles in the heating area can facilitate the realization of mobile mechanization and automation, for heating tubes used in assembly lines, automatic lines created a very favorable condition.

The advantages of electric heating tube eight: clean, sanitary, smokeless gray oil pollution and environmental pollution; nine advantages of electric heating pipe: mold single head electric heating tube, high thermal efficiency. Compared with other energy sources, the thermal efficiency of coal is about 12 ~ 20%, the thermal efficiency of liquid fuel is about 20 ~ 40%, the thermal efficiency of the fuel gas is about 50 ~ 60%, the thermal efficiency of steam is about 45 ~ 60%, and the power of thermal efficiency is about 50 ~ 95%.

So in the country to promote advocate low-carbon environment, coupled with the electric heating tube has the advantages of so much electric industry will develop better and better, the electric heating products will become a leader in environmental protection on the stage.

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