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To Prevent Plant Motor Damage Accident
Jan 23, 2018

To prevent plant motor damage accident

1, the motor can be rated voltage changes -5% to +10% range.


 2, the rated output power of the motor, the phase voltage imbalance shall not exceed 5%.


 3, the motor A / B / C repair after the repair test should be checked before the motor insulation qualified.


 4, found that the motor water, moisture, the first should be dry, measured in the insulation resistance before starting.


  5, the motor accident trip, should be measured after the insulation resistance qualified start.


6, the motor lubrication system, cooling system into normal, the mechanical parts of the motor is intact, allowing the start.


 7, to prevent the motor due to oil, bearing inner sleeve loose, bearing wear, vibration caused by a large motor rotor sweep chamber.


  8, to prevent the machine to drive the motor rotor in the case of reverse rotation to start the motor running.


  9, the motor starts should monitor the starting current, after starting the motor current should not exceed the rated value, speed and sound normal.


  10, under normal circumstances, the motor is allowed to start in the cold twice, start interval> 5min; hot start to allow time; for starting time does not exceed 2 - 3s of the motor, the accident can start more processing time.


 11, the motor is running, check the motor vibration, the temperature is normal.


 12, to prevent the motor phase running.


 13, try to avoid the factory with 6kV bus voltage to reduce the case of start, prohibit the same time start 2 and above 6KV motor. .


 14, with air cooler motor running, should pay attention to the air cooler does not condense the problem, to prevent the condensation caused by the motor insulation level drop caused by motor burn.


15, the motor running the motor smoke, fire; motor bearing or stator coil temperature rose sharply, and more than the value should be immediately outage.


 16, with electric heating of the motor, the motor stops, it should be put into electric heating. The electric heating is stopped after the motor is running.

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