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To Understand The Positive Temperature Coefficient Of Silicon Rubber Heating Belt
Apr 27, 2018

Silicone rubber heating band is a kind of nickel-chromium alloy wire and insulation material composed of a special soft heating band, the design of high power density, heat fast, high thermal efficiency, long service life. In addition to the general constant power band with the heat insulation, in some cases can also be used for the need to heat the place. Silicone Rubber Tape has good waterproof performance and can be used for the heating, tracing and heat preservation of pipes, tanks and tanks in industrial equipment or laboratories. It can be directly wound on the surface of the heated parts and easy to install. ,Safe and reliable. Suitable for cold areas, pipes and solar heating silicone rubber for the main function of the hot water pipe insulation, thawing, snow and ice and other functions. With high temperature, cold, anti-aging and so on.

 Silicone rubber heating cable from one end of the pipeline line to the end and then back to the starting point, the line is equal to the coefficient. (But note that the maximum length of use) from one end of the pipe to the end of the line turns in turn the number of lines equal to the coefficient. Backup system, the key pipeline for emergency use.

So each line should be installed as a separate line, and an independent power point. Accessories installation * According to the design requirements of accessories. The seal should be matched with the heating cable and waterproof sealant combination. The power supply junction box is as close as possible to the supply side of the pipe line. Prepare the cable port according to the accessories installation instructions. Each line should be reserved for a small band for future maintenance. Electric cable with a tropical conductive polymer composites (plastic) and two parallel metal wire and insulation sheath composed of flat ribbon cable.

Conductive polymer composites have a positive temperature coefficient "PTC" characteristics, and in parallel with each other, with the heating system can automatically adjust the temperature output power, automatically limit the heating temperature. "PTC" characteristic is the positive temperature coefficient effect, is the resistivity of the material increases with increasing temperature, and in a certain temperature range sharp increase in the resistivity characteristics. Temperature-controlled heating cable can be arbitrarily truncated or in a range of long-term use, and allows multiple overlapping without high-temperature hot spots and burn considerations.

Silicone rubber heating cable installation to avoid flammable and explosive media may accumulate ditch pit, vignetting and other parts. When using the heating cable, pay attention to its explosion-proof temperature group, and it shall not exceed 75% of the flash point or flammable temperature of flammable medium. Do not hit hardbanding or long hauling on the ground. The installation of the heating cable must be completed after all the installation of the medium pipeline system, and the construction of the insulation layer after passing the water pressure or airtight test must be installed and debugged in the heating belt, after the test power transmission is normal. Heating installation encountered sharp edges, acute angle, should be polished smooth or mat aluminum tape, to prevent damage to the outer insulation layer. The minimum bending radius for installation of the heating cable shall in principle be no less than 5 times its thickness.

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