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Use Of Oil Stove Should Pay Attention To Matters
May 24, 2018

With regard to the electric heating oil furnace, the heat is generated and transmitted by the electric heating element immersed in the conducting oil. The heat transfer oil is used as the medium, and the circulation is carried out by the circulating pump and the forced heat oil. The heat is transferred to the heat- Equipment, after unloading with a hot device, from the beginning through the circulating pump, back to the heater, and then absorb the heat, passed to the heat equipment, so the cycle, to complete the continuous transmission of heat, so that the heated object temperature, Technical requirements. Use should pay attention to the following:

1, the conductivity of the oil furnace operators, should be through the thermal conductivity of oil furnace common sense of the training, and by the local boiler safety inspection organizations to check the certification.

2, the conductivity of the oil furnace unit, it is necessary to develop electrical conductivity furnace operating procedures. The operating procedures shall include the methods and precautions for the operation, operation, shutdown, and emergency shutdown of the conducting heat oil furnace. It is necessary for the operator to follow the operating procedures. The following are the same as the "

3, the conductivity of the furnace within the scope of the pipeline should be adopted insulation methods, but the flange connection should not be used to cover the way. The following are the same as the "

4, the conductivity of the oil furnace in the heating process, should open the expansion tank of the exhaust valve to drain the air, water and organic heat carrier mixed steam, before entering the normal operation.

5, organic heat carrier is necessary to use after dehydration. Different organic heat carriers should not be mixed. When mixed demand is used, the mixing conditions and requirements should be supplied by organic heat carrier production units before mixing.

6, the use of organic heat carrier each year to deal with its residual carbon, acid value, viscosity, flash point analysis, when there are two analysis of failure or heat carrier differentiation content of more than 10%, should replace the heat carrier or heat Carrier for regeneration.

7, conductive heat oil furnace heating surface should be regularly checked and cleaned, should be view and clean the situation into the boiler technical files.

8, electrothermal oil furnace device or serious repair, put into operation before the use of units and equipment or repair units to work 1.5 times the hydraulic pressure test, qualified to put into operation after passing. Hydraulic experiments and airtight experiments, the local boiler safety inspection organization should be sent to participate.

9, boiler room should have a useful fire and rescue methods.

Use the thermal oil furnace to observe the following:

1, according to the needs of hot technology, accurate selection of trademarks for the heat transfer liquid, and strictly abide by the Ministry of Chemical Industry, "heating medium heating safety technical regulations" in the provisions of the accurate use of heat transfer fluid.

2, in the course of the application should be carefully viewed, strict water, acid, alkali and low boiling point leakage into the use of the system, and the installation of filter devices to avoid mechanical debris into the oil to ensure purity.

3, energy-saving heat transfer liquid for coal, fuel heating furnace for heating, electric heating response and other heating equipment, should have a high slot and low slot and other safety components and temperature control and other ancillary equipment, to ensure safe operation The

4, where the old thermal conductivity equipment to replace the new heat transfer fluid, it is necessary to clear the system inside the debris, to avoid affecting the heat transfer fluid heat transfer power and service life.

5, high temperature heat transfer fluid after six months, should be an oil analysis. If long-term use, found that the heat transfer effect is poor, or found abnormal conditions,

According to the oil analysis (less than 1.5% of the residual carbon, acid value of not more than 0.5mgKOH / g, flash point change rate of not more than 20%, viscosity change rate of not more than 15%) if the other one should consider adding a failure New oil or all oil change.

6, the operation is prohibited over-temperature use, to ensure the normal life of the heat transfer fluid.

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