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​What Are The Categories Of Heating Elements
Jun 26, 2017

Various types of electric components, conventional varieties, electric alloy, electrothermal materials, microwave heating devices, stainless steel electric panels, electromagnetic induction heating devices, electric heating pipe, electric hotline, electric heating board, Electric tropics, electric cable, electric plate, electric heater, electric heating ring, electric bar, electric companion tropics, Electric heating core, Mica heating film, ceramic heating film, tungsten and molybdenum products, silicon carbon rods, molybdenum powder, tungsten strip, electric wire, mesh belt, there are many varieties of electric components. Electric heating Casting is another category of heating elements, such as cast aluminum, cast copper, cast iron heaters, PTC heating body, steam heat pipe.

1, Electrothermal wire electric Wire is the earliest appearance of an electric element, it is based on the basic principle of electric heating to achieve energy conversion. Although the electric heating wire for the traditional heating elements, but has not been replaced, now electric wire still in various fields, especially industrial production and laboratory is widely used. In recent years, electric filament has been used in iron-chromium alloy and Ni-cr alloy, the highest temperature of Fe-CR-Al Alloy has reached 1400 Shan. On the basis of electric wire, in recent years, the development of electric rods, electric plates, electric heating elements, such as electric components, but they are still the essence of electric wire, its principle also can not get rid of electric. The advantages of electric wire are heating temperature and high heat-resistant temperature, mature technology, easy to manufacture and convenient for all kinds of heating equipment. The disadvantage of electric wire is that its energy conversion rate is low, the process of heating is accompanied with the luminous process, so the conversion rate of electric energy can only reach 60% to 70%. 

2, PTC heating element PTC's full name is Positive Temperature Coefficient, namely thermistor, it is the conductive material through the composite sintering into an electric element. PTC Heating element is after the electrothermal wire appears after an electric element, limited by the Curie temperature limit, can only be used in 350 Shan heating, apply to a variety of low-power low-temperature electric equipment.

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