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What Are The Features Of Aluminum Foil Heater?
Nov 24, 2017

What are the features of aluminum foil heater?

Aluminum heating plate has been widely used, most electrical appliance enterprises recognized by aluminum foil heating plate heating performance is stable, easy to use, aluminum foil electric heating plates can be optionally pasted in any work appliances and objects, life for 10 years, to replace the traditional heating tube principle, more energy saving, lower cost and more convenient to use...

Structure description

The whole body is composed of silica aluminum foil heater heating wire, aluminum foil, metal materials, connection lines, and temperature protection device, the use of professional technology through artificial processing become a heated metal, can be arbitrary paste in the use of any object, which belongs to the type of customized products, can produce products according to the requirements of any size.

Voltage matching

The products are custom made and customized, including the voltage customization, power customization, temperature customization, shape customization, voltage range of DC-AC12V-230V, the use of temperature between 30-160 degrees optional, power can be matched according to the temperature requirements by manufacturers,

application area

Toilet heating, bath basin, towel insulation cabinet, pet cushion, shoes sterilization box, towel disinfection cabinet, microwave oven, heating and drying of commercial machinery and equipment, cold storage antifreeze, defrosting snow, digital printer drying, seed cultivation, fungi cultivation, etc.

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