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What Causes The Leakage Of Heating Tubes In The Work?
Oct 26, 2017

What causes the leakage of heating tubes in the work?

Heating tube in heating because of its simple structure, rich product model, high thermal efficiency, long service life and many other advantages, in the use of industrial heating equipment, is widely used in various fields. However, there are some problems that lead to leakage of heating tubes during the working process. Heating tube belongs to electrified object, the leakage of electricity needs careful treatment, if found, please strictly according to the use of instructions to repair, otherwise prone to safety accidents.

The heating pipe is the electrical energy into heat carrier, the working principle of electric wire is placed in the metal pipe, the heating wire around the filler modified Magnesium Oxide insulation, to fix the electric wire, the effect of heat transfer. If the quality of heating tube of magnesium oxide inside the problem will cause the heating pipe leakage occurs, there are problems such as operation. In this paper, the causes of the leakage of the heating tube and the causes of the leakage and the solutions to the leakage are discussed:

1, missed the good ground wire;

2, heating pipe insulation damage (this is the insulation of magnesium oxide, or joint insulation problems);

3. Heating tube burning and cup body short circuit;

4, improper cleaning, water touches the stainless steel heating pipe terminal;

5, circuit wire off hitting with the cup body;

6, electric heating socket or power plug dirt too much;

7, poor water quality, serious water pollution;

So, for the above heating pipe leakage causes, we should take what kind of treatment method? Methods are as follows:

1. Connect the ground wire according to the requirements and check whether it is correct;

2, inspection and repair if there is such an event, suggest replacement;

3, the heating pipe has been damaged, replace the same specifications of the heating tube;

4. Correct cleaning and drying treatment of stainless steel heating pipes;

5, check off the wire, re welding;

6. Correct cleaning and drying treatment;

7, improve water quality, effective removal of water pollution;

Protective measures for leakage of heating pipe:

1. Install grounding wire or other leakage protection device (leakage automatic switch).

2, the correct use of electric heating pipe to maintain the drying of its insulation parts.

3, regularly detect leakage of electric heating pipe, found that the problem should be replaced by a new electric heating tube.

The above described the heating pipe working principle, the possible causes of leakage and solutions, as well as the heating tube leakage safety protection measures, more safe use of heating tubes. At the same time to know the importance of professional knowledge, editorial recommendation customers can continue to read the "heating tube fever for several reasons," analysis "electrothermal tube explosion phenomenon," decryption "heating pipe fault and investigation" three articles, hoping to find more problems good for heating pipe, investigation and solution some help.

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