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What Is The Difference Between A Gas Heater And A Liquid Heater?
May 21, 2018

Air heater, also known as gas heater, duct heater, attributed to a fluid heater, according to the nature of the heating gas is divided into hydrogen heater, nitrogen heater, etc .; mainly used to air from the initial temperature heating to Set the temperature, up to 850 ℃. Widely used in aerospace, meltblown nonwovens, film, chemical industry. According to the actual situation of the job site conditions, can be planned for the explosion-proof air heater and ordinary type.

In order to resist the oxidation of high temperature air, so the material must use excellent stainless steel; heating element selection 304 stainless steel electric heating tube. The heater chamber is provided with a plurality of baffles for diffusing air to maintain the heat exchange power at the time of stay in the heater chamber. Appropriate to add the number of heating tubes, improve the installed capacity of the air heater can shorten the production line to drive the heating time. Air electric heater use of the wide scale: can be any gas heating, the occurrence of hot air dry without water, no electricity, no incineration, no blasting, no chemical corrosion, no pollution, safe and reliable, heated space heating fast Controllable).

The so-called liquid heater on the use of benzene as a heating agent heater, wire reinforced refractory fiber layer, tightly combined and along the full length of the twisted strand twisted with a base of the resistance wire twisted wire composed of a The main body can be bent on demand and can be heated with the heating parts of the direct heating of the monomer, heating the body by heating the shape of the object, the size of repeated and form a strip, and then use the wire to a number of side by side Horizontal weave together, constitute a direct package in the heated objects directly on the use of weaving high-temperature electric heater

Its operating principle is to put a number of turns more primary coil and a smaller number of secondary coil mounted on the same core. The input and output voltage ratio is equal to the number of turns of the coil, and the energy remains constant. Thus, the secondary coil has a high current under low voltage conditions. On the induction heater, the bearing is a short-circuit single-turn secondary coil, in the lower communication voltage conditions through the high current, and thus a lot of heat. The heater itself and the yoke are kept at room temperature. Because this heating method can sense the current, so the bearing will be magnetized. It is important to ensure that the future demagnetization of the bearing, so that in the course of operation will not suck metal debris. FAG induction heater has an active degaussing function.

It is the use of metal in the alternating magnetic field in the vortex caused by their own fever, generally used in metal heat treatment and so on. The principle is that when the thicker metal is in an alternating magnetic field, the current will occur due to the electromagnetic induction. And the thick metal of its current, the current will form a spiral inside the metal active road, so that the current activity of the heat generated by the metal itself is absorbed, will cause the metal quickly warming up.

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