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What Is The Difference Between Air Heater And Duct Heater?
May 18, 2018

The air heater is used to heat the air. In the ventilation, air-conditioning system, the general selection of hot water, steam or electricity as a heat source. It is the operating principle of air conditioning in the process of heating the air there are two cases:

The first is to heat the air before it is treated by water, usually in low winter temperatures, often referred to as first heating or preheating. Its intention is to improve the enthalpy of the fresh air and reduce the humidity, add outdoor air in the waste water chamber humidification ability to improve the fresh air percentage, satisfied with the clean demand. The heater used is called the preheater, the location set in the fresh air chamber out the wind side. The second is to heat the air after it has been treated with water, commonly referred to as second heating or reheating. The intention is to compensate for the lack of heat in the workshop. The heater used is called the reheater, usually set in the water chamber after the flap. Preheaters and reheaters are used to heat air, but their role is not exactly the same, the two are not mixed and replaced, or the workshop air condition will be changed. According to heat and heating methods are not divided into: electric heaters and direct-fired air heater.

Air heater control some of the Department of precision instruments, transportation should be careful to put, to prohibit the impact, hit. Some of the cylinder should be properly hoisting, to avoid damage to the internal heating elements. Air heater and control cabinet in the library, prohibit rain. The air heater has the following characteristics:

1, the heating gas temperature up to 850 ℃, while the shell temperature is very low, as long as 50 ℃.

2, the gas heating effect is good, high heating power.

3, the air heater temperature control is accurate, can take the initiative to adjust the temperature or cooling, the speed of up to 10 ℃ / S, although the fast conditioning, but the heater running stable, safe and reliable.

4, air heater mechanical performance is good.

5, not contrary to the use of rules of durability, long life for decades.

6, odd air heater with high power, funny energy-saving, economic, environmental protection, pollution-free!

Air duct heater is mainly used for air heating in the duct, the specifications of low temperature, medium temperature, high temperature in three ways, in the structure of the common is the use of steel plate to support the electric tube to reduce the fan stop when the electric tube oscillation, in the The junction box is equipped with over-temperature control equipment. Low temperature type can be installed directly on the duct, and the temperature type, high temperature type because the structure is not the same, in the channel outside the wall to the heater junction box folder with 100mm thick insulation material, on the one hand cut all the external heat dissipation, on the other hand Also cut the temperature inside the wiring chamber. It has the following characteristics:

1. In the use of thermal heating tube outside the corrugated stainless steel band, adding a cooling area, greatly improving the heat exchange power.

2. In the heat heater reasonable planning, wind resistance is small, uniform heating, no high, low temperature dead ends.

3. Two layers of maintenance, good security. In the heater installed on the thermostat, fuse, can be used to manipulate the air temperature of the air duct over the wind without the case of operation, to ensure full of confidence.

4. In the heat mechanical air duct heater Product use: Heating air, for a variety of different materials drying / curing, heat treatment, reheating and dehumidification and other similar use

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