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What Is The Principle Of Heating And Heat Preservation Of PTC?
Nov 27, 2017

What is the principle of heating and heat preservation of PTC?

Constant temperature heating PTC thermistor temperature characteristics, the principle is the PTC thermistor power after the self heating of the resistance value into the jump zone, constant temperature heating PTC thermistor surface temperature will remain constant, the temperature only with PTC thermistor Curie temperature and applied voltage, irrespective of basic environmental temperature and PTC. The heater is heated by a constant temperature heating device PTC thermistor temperature characteristics of the design. In small and medium power heating occasions, PTC heater with constant temperature heating, no open flame, high heat conversion rate, the supply voltage with minimal impact, natural long life and other traditional heating elements incomparable advantages, is being used more and more in electric appliances R & D engineers of all ages. The constant temperature heating PTC thermistor can be made into various shapes and structures of different specifications, there is a common wafer shape, rectangle, rectangle, circle Ring and honeycomb. The PTC heating element and metal components can be combined to form various forms of high-power PTC heater. The heater according to the conduction mode PTC (1) PTC ceramic heater heat conduction based. It is characterized by a plate electrode of PTC heating element surface mount (conductive and heat insulation) layer (insulating and heat transfer) thermal heat storage plate (some additional heat conduction glue) multilayer heat transfer structure, the PTC element emits heat to the heated object. (2) PTC ceramic heater for convection heat transfer in the form of hot air. Its characteristic is that the output power, and can automatic adjustment of the wind out of moderate heat output. (3) infrared radiation heater. The characteristics of the actual use of far infrared coating surface of the PTC element or the heat conducting plate quickly emitted heat directly or indirectly stimulate the contact surface or far infrared material The infrared radiation, constitute a PTC ceramic infrared heater. The heater according to the structure characteristics of PTC (1) common practical PTC ceramic heater. This kind of instruments are: electric mosquito repellent device, medicine hand warmer, dryer, electric heating plate, electric iron, electric iron, electric heating device, such as a perm hair adhesive. Its characteristic is not power, but high thermal efficiency is very practical. (2) PTC type automatic constant temperature heater. This kind of instruments are: small crystal devices thermostatic bath, incubator, electronic thermos bottle, thermos flask, thermos cup, insulation plate, insulation cabinet, insulation table etc.. The advantages of automatic heat preservation, simple structure, good temperature characteristics, high thermal efficiency, using a wide range of ambient temperature. (3) PTC. This kind of hot air heater PTC hot air heater are: small warm air heater, hair dryer, heating machine, dryer, dry wardrobe, dryer, drying equipment industry. Its the characteristics of output power, fast heating, hot air safety, can automatically adjust the air temperature and power consumption.

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