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What Should You Watch When Using Closed-cycle Ovens?
May 10, 2018

Oven manufacturers are professional production and processing of various types of ovens, the use of national focus on the implementation of energy-saving environmental heating new technology, through the power to the heating tube heating, heat source, when it is heated objects can be directly converted into heat

Closed cycle oven air switch, in accordance with the instructions of the oven set the heating temperature of 250 ℃, over-temperature alarm temperature of 260 ℃, holding time 1 h after the start of its active operation procedures, the oven cycle fan, fan, disc valve, heating And other indicators in order to light up, indicating that the program is running normally. After heating for 2.5 h, the temperature still does not reach the set value. If the heating time is too long, the heated glass container will be broken and the bottle rate will increase. Together, the formation of power spoil, power consumption to add. As well as the oven's working period is lengthened, resulting in the normal production of the two classes under the system can not be completed on time the technical aspects of the process, the process of production tasks, and improve the production costs. Normal full box when the temperature from room temperature has been heated to 250 ℃ demand 2.5 h, 1 job cycle requirements of about 6 h. Closed cycle oven should pay attention to the use of things:

1. Before use must pay attention to the power supply voltage can fit. When used, it is necessary to stop the grounding of the power outlet grounding wire according to the rules.

2. In the use of electricity, should not touch the box on the left side of the electrical part of the space or wipe with a damp cloth and water scouring, inspection should be blocked when the power supply.

3. Power cord can not be wrapped around the metal, not set in the low temperature or wet the center, to prevent the aging of rubber caused by leakage.

4. Place the contents of the box should not be too crowded, must be left out of the atmosphere of natural convection space, so that the wet atmosphere can decay at the top of the wind to escape.

5. The temperature of the silver dispenser should be reviewed whether the hair contact or uneven, if any, available fine gauze will contact sand flat, and then use, and should often use a clean cloth wipe, make it touch excellent (be careful Intercept power supply). Do not touch the metal pipe of the indoor temperature dispatcher to avoid affecting the sensitivity.

6. Do not put in flammable items in a monotonous box without explosion-proof device.

7. After each run out, the power part must be blocked, often adhere to the box table clean. Clean the end of the corresponding logo hanging.

8. Explosive and volatile items should not be placed in the monotonous box, so as not to cause an explosion.

9. Sample shelf uniform load should not exceed 20kg.

10. The shelf between the sample chamber and the heating chamber can not be placed on the shelf so as not to affect heat communication.

11. Must be used before the review of nickel wire with or without stacking, short circuit.

12. heating indicator light does not shine, the reasons are generally three: ① bad bulb; ② bad light bulb; ③ heating trivial problems.

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