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Working Principle And Characteristics Of Heat Conducting Oil Heating Furnace
Jan 29, 2018

Working principle and characteristics of heat conducting oil heating furnace

Working principle and characteristics of heat conducting oil heating furnace

Operating principle and characteristics of the heat conducting oil heating furnace:

Explosion-proof electric heating oil furnace (organic heat carrier furnace) is the absorption of foreign advanced technology, based on the development of a new type of safety, energy efficiency, low pressure, can provide high-temperature heat of the special explosion-proof industrial furnace. The furnace is a kind of electric energy as a heat source, that is immersed in the heat in the tubular heating element heating power to heat the oil as a heat carrier, forced circulation by hot oil circulating pump, the heat transfer to one or several with heat equipment. When the heat through the equipment after unloading, heat transfer oil through the circulating pump, back to the electric heating furnace and then absorb heat transfer to the heating equipment, so again and again to achieve the continuous heat transfer. To ensure the use of thermal equipment to obtain sustained and stable high-temperature energy. Meet the medium heating process requirements. Heating oil heating furnace can be used digital temperature controller temperature control, with over-temperature alarm, low oil level alarm, over-pressure alarm. And has anti-dry and explosion-proof safety measures. Explosion-proof heater explosion-proof rating ExdIIBT4, ExdIIBT6, ExdIICT6 and so on.

Equipment features:

1, the device has a compact, small size, light weight, easy installation and operation. Heating without pollution, can work at a lower working pressure to obtain a higher working temperature.

2, a high degree of automation, the use of advanced automatic temperature control mode, that is, by setting the temperature feedback to the control system to achieve automatic adjustment of heat load. Using fuzzy control and self-tuning PID control the perfect combination of control technology, temperature control accuracy can reach ± 1 ℃ ~ ± 0.1 ℃, or even more accurate. And with the computer network, the implementation of man-machine dialogue. The control system can provide the DCS system with signals such as running, overtemperature, stop, temperature signal and interlock status. It can accept the automatic and stop operation command issued by DCS. And added a reliable safety monitoring device. Such as: ① conventional electrical protection, leakage protection, short circuit protection. ② equipped with multiple interlocking interfaces, at any time of the pump, flow, pressure effective monitoring. ③ has a set of independent of the normal temperature control over-temperature alarm system, when the temperature control for a variety of reasons out of control, the system can not only timely alarm, and can not be reset to turn off the electric heater to protect the safe operation of the system. And input a contact signal.

3, the equipment structure is reasonable, mature technology, fully furnished, the installation cycle is short, easy operation and maintenance, safe and reliable for a wide range.

4, the use of closed-loop heat within the heat, heat utilization, energy-saving effect is remarkable, and low operating costs, recovery of investment.

● The main purpose:

For petrochemical, oil materials, building materials industry, textile printing and dyeing, food, plastics, rubber, pharmaceutical and so on. As a result of thermal oil heating furnace product variety

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