PTC Heating Element Ptc Heating Film Ptc Heating Element

PTC Heating Element Ptc Heating Film Ptc Heating Element

Product description


 Portable Robust PTC heating film PTC heater

Product information

PTC heater is fixied by a pair of metal electrodes with leads on both sides of PTC element. It's heating elements are mainly consist of ceramic stones, ase on barium titanate .Thus it have unique characteristics as semiconductors and their ferro-electric propertise can be precisely determined during their design. It can provide constant-temperature heat without need another temperature applications. 

We can make PTC heaters as your request.


 1.  safety & high reliability.

 2.  effective constant temperature 

 3.  can uses in wide range of ambient temperature.

 4.  low cost solution.

 5.  long service life 

 6.  voltage: from 12V to 240V

 7.  keep steady power

 8. automatic temperature control


For various usage: Hand dryer,  cloth dryer,  shoe dryer,

hair straigthener,  hair curler,  hot glue gun,  wax warmer,

milk warmer etc.   



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