​Crankcase Heater

​Crankcase Heater

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Product description

Crankcase Heater


Picture of Crankcase Heater

  Two core heating belt


  Four core heating belt



Description of Compressor Parts Crankcase Heater


Working environment temperature of designed air-conditioner compressor is about 4℃ while surround environment temperature is bellow zero.Air-conditioner is hard to make heater is necessarily used at end of central air-conditioner to make the supplementary heat.Our subsidiary electric heater series are the most suitable and ideal heating source designed and manufactured for this application.Moreover,our subsidiary heater series do not need any other subsidiary equipment.They have such many obvious advantages as being easy in installing,safe in operating and PTCelectric heating element.


Function and Introduction of Air-conditioning Compressor Crankcase Heater


1.When the air-conditioner is used under severe cold condition,drive engine oil inside can condense,and affect the normal starting of the unit.The heating belt can promote to thermalize engine oil,and help the unit to be started normally.

2.It can protect compressor from being damaged in starting in cold winter,and prolongs the service life.(In cold winter,engine oil condenses,hard friction can generate in starting,and may cause damages of the compressor.)


Customized Design and Options of Crankcase Heater

Heating wireNiCr or Cu-Ni AlloyMax.Surface Temperature200℃
Tail End of Heating BodySeal Tail End of Colloidal SilicaMin.Surface Temperature-60℃
Withstand VoltageAC2500V/minVolatge110-230V
Insulation Resistance≥200MNShape14,20,25,30mm

1.The width of 2-core heating belt is 14mm,and the max power is 100W/M

2.The width of 4-core heating belt is 20mm,25mm,30mm,and the max power is 150W/M.


Application of Crankcase Heating belt

Applied insertion to rated voltage bellow 450V,50-60Hz,related humidity≤90%,diffuse heat after conducting at electricity in an environment temperature of -30℃-+50℃.It is generally used in central air conditioner compressor.It is also applied in cold area,and oil tube.


Characteristics of Compressor Heating belt

  • Random bending and winding according to the demand of to be heated component,small occupied space and volume.

  • Simple and fast installation mode

  • Sleeve silicon rubber insulator on heating body.

  • Tin copper braided layer can prevent machine from being damaged,and conduct electric power to the ground.

  • Moisture resistance entirely.

  • Customize according to the required length.

  • Core cold tail end.

Technical Parameter

  1. Continous Max Use Temperature:250℃;Min Ambient Temperature:40℃ below zero

  2. Max Surface Power Density:2W/cm²

  3. Min Making Thickness:0.5mm

  4. Max Use Voltage:600V

  5. Power Precision Range:±5%


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