Silicone Rubber Drain Pipe Defrosting Heater Wire With CE

Silicone Rubber Drain Pipe Defrosting Heater Wire With CE

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Product description

Silicone Rubber Drain Pipe Defrosting Heater Wire with CE


Application Field for Silicon Rubber Drain Pipe Heating Wire


After the air cooler operates for some time, its blade will freeze, at the time, the antifreezing heating wire can be used for defrosting to let molten water discharge out of the refrigerator through the drain pipe.

As the front end of the drain pipe is installed in the refrigerator, defrosted water is frozen under 0°C to block the drain pipe, and heating wire is needed to install to ensure that defrosted water doesn't freeze in the drain pipe. The heating wire is installed in the drain pipe to defrost and heat the pipe at the same time to let water exhaust smoothly.


Characteristics for Silicon Rubber Drain Pipe Heaters

  • Complete water-proof design

  • Double-layer insulator

  • Mould pressing knot, flexibility

  • Silicon rubber insulator applicable scope: -60°C to +200°C


Technical Parameters of  defrost drain pipe heater


Heating BodyNiCr or Cu-Ni AlloyLength/M40W/M50W/M
Tail End of Heating BodySeal Tail End of Colloidal Silica140W50W
Maximum Surface Temperature200°C1.352W65W
Minimum Surface Temperature-60°C1.560W75W
Immergence Withstand VoltageAC2500V  V/min2.080W100W
Insulation Resistance≥200MN6.0240W300W


Generally, 50W/M drain pipe heating tape is rather common. When used for plastic drain pipe, the company recommends water pipe heating belt with output power of 40W/M.


Picture of Drain Pipe Heating Belt

drain Heater.jpg


Drain Heaters.jpg

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