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Electric Heating Elements


1. Definition of electric heating element.

What is an electrothermal element?The simple function is to convert electrical energy into heat energy components.It's the heart of the electric heater.


2. Classification of electric heating elements.

According to its structure, it is divided into two categories: single electric heating element and composite electrothermal element: single electric heating element is composed of one kind of material;Composite electrothermal elements are composed of several kinds of materials.

according to the different materials can be divided into two electric heating element metal and nonmetal electric heating element: metal electric heating element such as nichrome wire (Ni - Cr), iron chromium aluminum wire (Fe - Cr - Al), nickel (Ni, Fe), copper wire, nickel wire (Ni - Cu), etc.;Non-metallic electric heating elements include silicon carbide, silicon molybdenum rod, PTC electric heating element, electrothermal coating, etc.

According to its shape, it can be divided into metal tube, quartz tube, ceramic tube, plate, square, elliptic, round, ceramic enveloped electric heating element, etc.


3. Characteristics of metal tubular electric heating elements.

Metal tubular electric heating element is a kind of sealed electric heating element which is widely used, simple structure, reliable performance and long service life.


4. History and prospect of metal tubular electric heating elements.

Back in the 1930s, a British company, hotep, applied the metal tube heating element to home appliances.At present, electric heat pipe has been widely used in injection molding industry, chemical industry, auxiliary heating and other industrial and household electric oven, vertical air conditioner, etc.In order to further improve the thermal efficiency, many domestic manufacturers have produced a large number of fin electric heat pipe supply market.


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